About Badass Apparel

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My name is Natia and I am a Mum to four, three girls and one boy. I live with my husband and our wee family in Rolleston, Christchurch.

I took over a small business called Ten Little Toes from the previous owner on 1 March 2018, and changed it to Ten Little Toes NZ. I followed so many amazing small businesses and I love anything NZ designed or made. When I took over the business I decided to change its direction from importing clothing to stocking products from NZ Small Businesses only, these products needed to be designed by the business owner or made and manufactured in NZ.

I started a brand called Badass Apparel mid May 2018 which a lot of people related to and it has lead me here today to changing the company from TLT to Badass Apparel.

With such a young family and a husband who is a shift worker it has been a real struggle managing both, so the decision was made to cease TLT and continue with Badass Apparel as it was a creation of my own.

My background has been banking, the Army and then  I chose to study Business and Accounting part time whilst I was on maternity leave with my second child. So when I seen the advert for Ten Little Toes I did all I could to seize the opportunity to give it a go. It has opened my eyes to so much and it has led me to so many amazing business women and even led me to the creation of my own brand!

Badass Apparels MANTRA is letting yourself be the biggest BADASS you can be, what ever that looks like for you! Be it, do it and stay it. Our clothing and accessories support that mantra with empowering prints and quotes.

I feel super blessed to have this opportunity and love being able to connect with so many amazing people everyday.

What does being BADASS look like to you?

Natia x